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Monsieur Nicolas Sarkozy, Président de la République Française, accorde son haut patronage pour notre expédition Paris Pékin à vélo.

• The cycliste Excursion
• The values
• Code of pratice
• Communication plan

The cycliste Excursion

What is it?
This international project will arrive to Beijing the day before the opening of the Olympic Games 2008. It is a group of French, Chinese and international riders travelling to attend to the opening of the Games. The braver will cross about 12 000 km in 5 months, while an other group will achieve shorter distances such as Xi’an-Beijing (1 300 km).

This project has received the patronage of the Comité National Olympique et Sportif Français (CNOSF) and from the Ministère de la Jeunesse, des Sports et de la Vie Associative (MJSVA).

Objectives :
- Sporting
- Educational
- Intercultural

The aim of this extraordinary excursion is to promote the inherent values of bicycling, Olympic spirit and education through sport and based on a specific and pedagogic program which will take place from 2007 to 2009.

- Crossing by bike 12 000 km between two megacities
- Spreading the Olympic spirit
- Inspiring the bicycling values

Excursion carried out by 100 riders composed of :

- 20 strangers (men or women)
- 30 women
- 10 young adults (men or women)
- 30 adult men
- 10 riding guides formed by the Fédération Française de Cyclotourisme (FFCT)
A staff made from about ten people in charge of logistic and communication in all the countries in order to give sense to the exchanges carried out between the youngsters from cycling schools.

- Developing youngsters education by sport and allow exchanges betweens young people from all the crossed countries

-Bringing in a pedagogic project in collaboration with our 310 cycling schools, by educating young people about international solidarity and also:
> about the creation of an internet site regarding different themes such as travelling, discovery and gathering
> about citizenship and environmental notions
> about the preparation of a journey in autonomy
> about health topics while practising sports

-Realization of a specific group management training intended for this excursion and its pedagogic program (e-learning conception)

-Preparation of a team made from 23 young adults to achieve the final journey Xi’an-Beijing

-Close collaboration for the whole program with Sport sans Frontières, with a possibility of extension in French state schools.

- Discovering the customs and traditions of each crossed country
- Meeting new Peoples
- Exploring countries and their inheritances.

> Promoting relations with young sportsmen met while travelling through the different countries,

> Promoting cultural exchanges with the countries crossed by the excursion: Europe- Central Asia- China,

> Promoting exploration of the countries and their inheritances

The values

Bicycling values
- Independence of our sport,
- Freedom of our activities
- Friendship and conviviality
- Behaviour on the road, respect of road Code and other users, respect of rules of life
- No results or financial motivations in our activities
- No competition or performances but not excluding physical effort and well thought-out self-improvement
- Quality of beginners welcome
- Health preservation concern
- Developing tourism and culture is a permanent objective
- Nature and environment protection and respect

Olympic values
- Life philosophy linking sport with culture and education. Life style based on efforts enjoyment, educational values for good example and respect of universal fundamental ethic principles,
- Making sport serving the harmonious development of human kind, in order to promote a peaceful society and to preserve human dignity.
- Sport practise is a human right. Each person must have the possibility to practise a sport, without any kind of discrimination, and with Olympic spirit in mind which needs mutual understanding, friendship, solidarity and fair play,
- All kinds of discrimination towards a country or a person based on racial, religious, sexual, or any other issue, is incompatible with partnership with Olympic games,
- Promoting and keeping up ethic in sport
- Valorising sports’ inherent values by developing the knowledge and qualities which make teaching become education.

- Solidarity, cooperative brotherhood through sport,
- Projects’ inherent development and follow of day-to-day actions,
- Culture and local traditions respect,
- Sport advantage, school success and social insertion,
- Promoting local initiatives,
- Helping impoverish people,
- Independence, neutrality, help, solidarity, share-out, curiosity, sensitivity, humanism,
- Transparency.

Code of pratice

- The riders will be considered as cycling and Fédération Française de Cyclotourisme ambassadors all along the international 12 000 km trail.
- Each of them will respect the cycling, human and Olympic values that this excursion will carry across the countries and the peoples.
- Friendship spirit, conviviality, help-out and group spirit will be the values ruling participants and staff,
- Each rider will respect the road code in each crossed country, the life codes, and the security rules given by the official authorities and the staff,
- No bad comportment or behaviour will be tolerated. Each rider will have to respect the countries, towns and villages and their inhabitants,
- Paris-Beijing excursion is not a competition, each participant will have to ride at his/her own speed or according to the staff instructions and to stay with the group respecting the road captain authority. This is in order to allow tourism and meeting with the local people.
- At each stage and while bivouacking, collective tasks and logistic organisation linked to the local condition will be carried out by the group.
- It will be forbidden to bring and carry illegal products.
- In some countries, alcohol consumption may be forbidden, and there will be no derogation for consuming or carrying alcohol. Any behaviour against local uses or lack of respect towards local religion will be punished.

Communication plan
2006 - 2007 - 2008 - 2009

Media actions
- Press conference FFCT on December 14th 2006 in Paris,
- Press conference CNOSF and FFCT on September 20th 2007 in Paris,
- Press feature
- Regular press communiqué

Communication on events and salons 2006/2007/2008/2009
-General Assembly in Dunkirc on December 8th/9th 2006, General Assembly in Limoges in 2007, Orléans in 2008,
-Press conference FFCT on December 14th 2006,
-International cyclo camping festival on January 20th/21st 2007,
-Interzones Meetings, 1st term 2007, 2008, 2009,
-Press conference CNOSF, on September 2007,
-Hiking salon 2007, 2008, 2009,
-Maxi Verte in the Voges Mountains, July 23rd-27th 2007,
-Federal week in Périgueux in 2007, in Saumur in 2008, in St Omer in 2009,
-Paris Brest Paris race on August 20th to 24th 2007
-Mondial du 2 roues (global 2 wheels salon) 2007, 2009,
-Roc d’Azur on October 2007, 2008, 2009.

We will mobilize our 22 leagues, 95 department comities and 3200 cycling clubs to imply them all in this beautiful adventure.

- The ministère de la Jeunesse, des Sports et de la Vie associative,
- The Comité National Olympique et Sportif Français.

Honour committee
• Roselyne Bachelot, ministre de la Santé, de la Jeunesse et des Sports,
• Christine Lagarde, ministre de l'économie et des finances,
- Jean-François Lamour, Minister of sports and double Olympic medalist
- Henri Sérandour, President of the French Olympic Committee
- Léon Bertrand, Minister of Tourism
- David Douillet, Judo's first heavyweight triple medalist,
- Pascal Cherki, Deputy Mayor in charge of Sports at the Paris City Council
- Frédéric Pierret, Director of Tourism at the Ministry of Transport
- Mme Yang, Manager of the tourist office of China in Paris
- Tong Pu, Cultural Attaché at the Chinese Embassy in France
- Michel Drucker, France 2 TV presenter and journalist
- Gérard Holtz, France 2 TV sportscaster
- Henri Sannier, France 3 TV sportscaster
- Denis Cheissoux, France Inter radio journalist
- Guy Savoy, restaurant owner with 3 stars in the Michelin Guide
- Benjamin Guinot, researcher in the French National Centre for Scientific Research (
- Paris¹ town council : Pascal Cherki, in charge of Sports,

Driving committee

Director committee of the FFCT
- Dominique Lamouller, president,
- Marie-Claude Jonac, general secretary,
- Joseph Mora, president of the multimedia national commission,
- Yves-Marie Marchais, president of the national commission of training,
- Alain Labialle, president of the communication national commission.

FFCT International Commission
- Pierre Reuzé, president of the international commission,
- Brigitte Lamouller, international commission member.

Federal office permanent members
- Jean-Michel Richefort, National Technical Director,
- Marie-Claire Davila, Director Assistant,
- Anne Lalagüe, in charge of communication.

Managerial Staff
- Jean-François Derégnaucourt, FFCT leader
- Roger Dehame, VTT national commission member,
- Henry Dusseau, Jean Marchand, Tour Cyclotourist organisation committee members,
- Jean Marchand, framing of the Tour cyclotourist International,
- François le Van, doctor of the expedition, member of the FFCT federal commission.

Sport sans Frontière association
- Olivier Turckel, representative director,
- Valérie Watine, responsable for communication and developement.

Euro-Chinese Friendship association
- Gensheng Lin, general secretary,
- Garance Jiang, secretary,
- Yangmei Lu.

FFCT competent staff
-Samuel Neulet, vice-president, in charge of insurances,
-Jean-Michel Bouillerot, federal doctor,
-Martine Cano, president of the great manifestations national commission,
- Jean-Pierre Guillot, vice-président, in charge of events,
- Alain Rat, president of youngs commission.